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the pleasure
of eating
tasty snacks
just because

compra tu henko snacks
escoge tu henko snacks

Our mission is that any being
in the universe can enjoy
a healthy and pleasurable craving. Our motto is...

To protect the world from unhealthy snacks

To unite all tastes within a bite

To denounce the evils of health and taste

Merce, Alice… “Team Rocket”… ¡¡Oops!! (a millenial slip of the tongue) team Henko  blasting off at the speed of the bakery from Valencia.

Surrender now to our healthy bites or prepare to eat the usual boring food.

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escoge tu healthy bites
Universidad de Valencia ni Silicon Valley, ni un garaje. Aquí nació la idea de Henko
Primeros pasos: los pequeñines entran en la incubadora de la UMH
¡Ya tenemos obrador! Entramos por la puerta grande en Quart de Poblet.
Nuevo look: cambia nuestra identidad, pero seguimos con el mismo sabor. ¡A todo color!
Nuevos healthy bites: llegan los sabores piña-coco y limón- pistacho.
University of Valencia, nor Silicon Valley, nor a garage. This is where the idea of Henko was born.
First steps: the little ones enter the UMH incubator.
We now have a bakery! We enter through the big door in Quart de Poblet.
New look: our identity has changed, but we still have the same flavour - full of colour!
New healthy bites: the pineapple-coconut and lemon-pistachio
comodidad, placer, energia, vitalidad con henko snacks

The importance of nutrition in health is a
Henko's primary goal

100% natural

Of 100% natural origin and
essential for a healthy diet.


No chemicals, no processing and no additives. 100% healthy bites.

No sugar added

Sweetened with natural ingredients, such as dates, we are sweet to spare by ourselves!

Healthy bites henko snacks

Gluten free

Ingredients selected one by one, with great respect and care.


Free from animal ingredients and derivatives

Sooooo tasty!

Snack between meals or have your desserts without complexes or remorse.

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HENKO SNACKS SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its positioning in foreign markets during the year 2023. To this end, it has been supported by the XPANDE Programme of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

It's time for change!

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Healthy bites henko snacks
Healthy bites henko snacks

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